How To Cover Up an Outdated Doorbell Chime – DIY

Whether you call them doorbells or doorbell chimes, outdated is never a cute look on anything. I recently started working on a hallway photo wall which happens to have a big-o- yellow, straight-out-of-the-Brady-Bunch-house looking rectangle plastered right at the top. Eventually, we may add that to the to-do list, but for now it stays as it is in perfectly working condition.  I kept breaking my head on how to arrange pictures around it or possibly disguise it, somehow make it blend in. I was really tempted to rip it off the wall and loose my doorbell for a while, I could live with that…but then I thought of all those amazing Amazon packages I may have to sign for, what if I missed one due to the doorbell being out of order.

I was walking down every single isle at one of my favorite stores, Michael’s, when I came across these cute little wooden crates. My mind took off from there and this is the end result. View Post

DIY Farmhouse Style Chalkboard Makeover

I’m so excited to share this quick and easy DIY farmhouse style chalkboard Makeover with you guys.

Let me just tell you that I’ve been on the hunt for a vintage piece that I could either re-purpose or salvage into a chalkboard. I was about to give up when I drove by a neighborhood garage sale and saw this beauty sitting on the wet grass. The best part, it was only $4!

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Organic Healing Lip Balm

About 9 weeks ago I made my very first batch of all organic lip balm & I was so shocked by the way it healed my lips that after finishing it, I decided to make a second batch and I was able to confirm its amazing healing ability.

Since I can remember, I’ve suffered from anxiety & a very bad habit of picking my lips out of stress or nervousness. I’ve never really said that out loud…woah! Anyway…

There are times that I’m so lost in thought in the middle of one of my many anxiety attacks that I’m brought back to reality by a couple drops of blood tickling my arm as they slide down it, like that’s how bad it is…TMI? Sorry but it’s reality, anyway, as a result I always have chapped lips for the most part. SO, as you can imagine, I’ve tried both cheap & expensive brands of “healing” balms and while some HAVE succeeded in maintaining my lips moisturized, I don’t really see any healing unless I stop myself from messing with them.

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I wanted to take a few seconds to notify you guys of some major changes headed this way. Growth is part of life and constantly happening all around us, I’ve been going through a period of self development and growth over the last five years, I know that sounds like such a long time and trust me, it’s been a very long and confusing process. I fully believe that everything happens for a reason and that we attract certain experiences into our lives. I also believe that we have the power to manifest our thoughts and fears into actual life experiences and sometimes we are our own major obstacle to continue to grow as a whole. It’s taken me a while to realize that this is exactly what has been happening to me however I am grateful and blessed that I am now able to differentiate these feelings and set a plan in motion to allow for this growth to happen in my life. View Post


In the researching stages of my homeschooling journey I was definitely overwhelmed with the abundance of blog posts and information on how to homeschool out there in the web. Although most of the blog posts and online info contained very helpful information, it was very confusing because everyone seemed to have a different way of doing things. I was already dealing with a lot going into homeschooling, the last thing I needed what to make the process harder on myself and the boys with confusing information. I decided to disregard all that I had read over the last 2 months and just start fresh by going off of two websites that I stumbled upon after a Google search. I want to share with you the websites that saved my sanity by quieting down the noise of all the online info I’d read with their straight to the point information. View Post