I have a really simple, quick and fun DIY to give your Cinco de Mayo party cups or snack cups a bit of extra-ness today, but first let me tell you why Cinco de Mayo is doubly special in our family & why we love it so much. Not only do we get to celebrate a bit of our View Post


Hola lovelies, today I’m going to share with you 4 new ways to use tissue paper in your gift bags to make them stand out in a fun & unique way. My creative nature is always craving a fresh outlook in everyday common things, such as gift wrapping. Let’s face it, we don’t always have time to View Post


A diaper cake isn’t really a new concept when it comes to gift giving, however I feel like diaper cakes definitely need to make a come back nowadays given all these new trends in the baby having world.

Saturday I lost my Gender Reveal Party virginity y’all! It was a blast and I was very excited to finally attend one, however I was quickly troubled View Post

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! This Valentine’s Day photo backdrop and photo frame were made possible thanks to my left over crafting bin. All items are from the dollar store by the way and collected in the course of about 2 years from previous crafts. I decided to use everything Valentine’s Day related today in stead of tossing it,

The actual backdrop was created using various heart shaped doilies taped to the wall.

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3-D burger invites anyone? My son is so into Sponge Bob right now, so I decided to go with this theme for his birthday celebration.  We didn’t actually have a party, but rather just a small family gathering where we had cake and drinks. Because we opted to NOT have a birthday party, I was having party-stylist-withdrawals & because I can’t NOT pursue an idea, the 3D burger “Krabby Patty” burger came to be. I will admit that I spend a little more than I usually do on invites, but again, because this was going to be the ONLY project I had an excuse for so I decided to splurge.

I considered several options but while at one of my many routine Dollar store shopping trips, while in the bath/shower section, I saw a couple of round bath sponges and the vision for the Sponge Bob birthday party invitations just came to me. I justified my $3.50 per invite expense by telling  myself that the kids receiving the invites would be able to use these Krabby Patty burger Invitations as pretend-play, and when they’ve lost all the “toppings”, mommy or daddy could use the sponge around the house, this way at least my tiny investment didn’t feel like a complete waste 😉

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