I finally finished my master bathroom ya’ll! I’m excited because I started this bathroom makeover back in May 2016 yikes…and my indecisiveness on wall color plus life kept getting in the way of me finishing up what should have been a week long project. Well, 9 months later it’s done and I’m hella proud!

I wanted the room to feel romantic & glam without being too feminine, this is important, as I live in a house full of boys and I like to consider their taste and opinions when it comes to our home decor; I like to involve them in the process so that they can see their visions or ideas come to life and inspire them to continue to be creative tiny humans, so I decided on a theme…beach-y / coastal.

Here are the before pictures

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Okay so our kitchen was pretty ugly when we moved in here, it was old, dated and pretty gross inside the cabinet drawers. Back in February I told you about an unexpected leak  that thankfully was able to get fixed without tearing into the cabinets or walls, just the ceiling took a BIG hit. We thought we were out of the woods until about 4 weeks ago when we had our kitchen tile replaced, upon moving our stove, the contractor found our main water pipe leaking into our wall, which had most of the cabinets on it and the stove. Needless  to say, all of the bottom base cabinets had swelled up and bubbled up due to the water damage, I finally figured out the weird musty smell they had; We had to remove a few to fix the leak and redo the Sheetrock, a little inconvenient as we were originally planning to redo the kitchen in a few years, I mean we knew it was old and dingy however, it was still functional, so we were merely going to paint the cabinets View Post




Okay let me start off by saying that decorating for boys sucks! I mean the options are so limited compared to little girl stuff, this is a fact and it goes for everything…clothes, shoes, accessories…you get the idea. Sure, you can shop online but what about those spur of the moment scenarios where you realize you need to hang a picture and make a Target run? Do you find what you’re looking for? Probably not.  Anyway, our home has 2 full baths, one of which is in our master bedroom; The second bathroom is located off the upstairs hallway, this is the bathroom our boys and guests share, so it needed to be designed with both in mind and still have a little bit of me in it 😉  View Post


I have been staring at our guest bathroom linen closet for the past three months and couldn’t bring myself to actually store anything in there. It looked dirty & old & very uninviting. I decided to give it a make-over this past weekend & I love how it turned out.

What I love most about his mini closet make over is that it cost me $0. I used all left over supplies form other stuff going on around the house!

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