I wanted to take a few seconds to notify you guys of some major changes headed this way. Growth is part of life and constantly happening all around us, I’ve been going through a period of self development and growth over the last five years, I know that sounds like such a long time and trust me, it’s been a very long and confusing process. I fully believe that everything happens for a reason and that we attract certain experiences into our lives. I also believe that we have the power to manifest our thoughts and fears into actual life experiences and sometimes we are our own major obstacle to continue to grow as a whole. It’s taken me a while to realize that this is exactly what has been happening to me however I am grateful and blessed that I am now able to differentiate these feelings and set a plan in motion to allow for this growth to happen in my life. View Post


A diaper cake isn’t really a new concept when it comes to gift giving, however I feel like diaper cakes definitely need to make a come back nowadays given all these new trends in the baby having world.

Saturday I lost my Gender Reveal Party virginity y’all! It was a blast and I was very excited to finally attend one, however I was quickly troubled View Post


Our homeschool journey began back in March 2017. What started out as a temporary solution has turned into a permanent choice & we are very excited for the future. Here we go; Sometime mid 2016 we found out my father in law was battling what was now his second round of cancer. If you’ve witnessed a loved one fight the good fight against this monster then you can probably visualize what that was like. He was given the option to go for round 2 of radiation along with chemo as he was beyond operating at this point, which he refused. View Post


Anthony’s dinosaur birthday party was quaint but oh so cute! Don’t get stuck on dark colors when it comes to common celebration theme such as a prehistoric one, add color & fun elements to take it from drab to modern in an instant. Back when I was a party planner, I worked with all types of crazy budgets…I did $14k birthday parties for toddlers and I also worked with tiny budgets like this one, at only $250 for decorations. If you’ve got the money to spend then great! go for it I say, but if you don’t, like the rest of us…budgeting is a very common notion.


Budget Friendly Party Tips:

Use party supplies as “fillers” to add pops of color and to visually View Post


Saturday we celebrated our littlest dude’s 4th birthday party and it was AMAZING!

So Jaxon is obsessed with Mr. Spiderman right now, he likes them all but Spidey is his all time favorite. He begged for a Spiderman superhero birthday party and that is exactly what he got. Now, I know I could have done MORE Spiderman, but this is my third Spiderman birthday party y’all. My other 2 boys also went through a superhero obsessed age and so I try to switch it up a little every time so that I don’t feel like I’m throwing the same party over and over again. This theme as you will see is more of a generic superhero theme but I made sure to include Spiderman in posters, invitations, cake and goodie bags.

Since we hosted his party at his favorite indoor jumping playground, our time in the actual party room was limited to only 45 minutes, so I didn’t want to go crazy with decorations that would both take too long to set up and break down. I kept it simple and still I had a lot of other moms peep through the window to take a looksie. Some even wanted to use our picture backdrop for pix. Always a good sign when others appreciate your creativeness.

I simply allotted a corner for cake and selfie photo backdrop with props, I used sticky tack on printed “Daily Bugle front pages” all over the walls along with superhero action word cutouts, the centerpieces were mod podged paper mache letters with comic book strands.

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