This year we decided to go back to DisnewWorld in Orlando Florida for our summer family vacation. It was super fun, super hot & super memorable!

Deets of our vacay:

Rental home through:

HomeAway I love using HomeAway.com to book our vacation homes because it’s super easy & they have awesome customer service. We used them on our Austin trip as well last 4th of July. I love that your account keeps your TRIPS and the homes selected, making it easy to re-book same properties without the hassle of having to search for them over again.

Disneyworld & Islands of Adv. Tickets:

Purchased through Walmart near our rental home. We felt they offered the quickest and safest experience. Of course you can always purchase online as well.

Favorite restaurants:

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Today this very experienced momma wants to share with you my top 5 tips to avoid car sickness and travel sickness in my kids.

I personally STILL suffer from car sickness during prolonged drives. It’s super annoying and unfortunately for me, I seem to have passed that down to my kids. I have THREE children that get car sickness like ALL. THE. TIME.

Driving for extended periods of time or even short distances is dreading, I mean for the longest time, I was that mom that carried plastic just-in-case bags in my car, wipes, hand sanitizer, one extra set of clothes, large bottle of Febreeze and a couple towels just in case my kids decided a 15 minute or a 45 minute car drive was too much for their stomachs to handle.

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Historic Rock Castle tour in Hendersonville, Tennessee 

Today we toured the historic Rock Castle mansion and I fell completely in love with it and its warm history. I have to say, I am a sucker for old tales and old things…Tennessee, at least these small nearby cities , Gallatin, Hendersonville, Portland and Goodlettsville are full of civil war history and museums, amazing green rolling hills and farms and the friendliest of people. If you have ever considered vacationing here I would highly recommend it, especially with littles. I shared with you all the reasons why we decided to homeschool our boys last week and I’m just so lucky that the husband is working in such a history rich town, as I can use many of these “fun outings” to keep us from going mad from being in a tiny hotel room all day and as field trips to teach them a little history; they have been having such fun answering tour questions and learning fun details about past US presidents. We’ve definitely incorporated more history into our homeschool plan that’s for sure.
You can learn a little about Historic Rock Castle here and you can check out their website here for more information.
I leave up with some pictures from our tour, thanks for reading.

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