How To Cover Up an Outdated Doorbell Chime – DIY

Whether you call them doorbells or doorbell chimes, outdated is never a cute look on anything. I recently started working on a hallway photo wall which happens to have a big-o- yellow, straight-out-of-the-Brady-Bunch-house looking rectangle plastered right at the top. Eventually, we may add that to the to-do list, but for now it stays as it is in perfectly working condition.  I kept breaking my head on how to arrange pictures around it or possibly disguise it, somehow make it blend in. I was really tempted to rip it off the wall and loose my doorbell for a while, I could live with that…but then I thought of all those amazing Amazon packages I may have to sign for, what if I missed one due to the doorbell being out of order.

I was walking down every single isle at one of my favorite stores, Michael’s, when I came across these cute little wooden crates. My mind took off from there and this is the end result. View Post