Organic Healing Lip Balm

About 9 weeks ago I made my very first batch of all organic lip balm & I was so shocked by the way it healed my lips that after finishing it, I decided to make a second batch and I was able to confirm its amazing healing ability.

Since I can remember, I’ve suffered from anxiety & a very bad habit of picking my lips out of stress or nervousness. I’ve never really said that out loud…woah! Anyway…

There are times that I’m so lost in thought in the middle of one of my many anxiety attacks that I’m brought back to reality by a couple drops of blood tickling my arm as they slide down it, like that’s how bad it is…TMI? Sorry but it’s reality, anyway, as a result I always have chapped lips for the most part. SO, as you can imagine, I’ve tried both cheap & expensive brands of “healing” balms and while some HAVE succeeded in maintaining my lips moisturized, I don’t really see any healing unless I stop myself from messing with them.

This balm, OMG, this balm right here is the! View Post