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Welcome to my little magical corner in cyberspace. I’m oh so happy that you’ve found your way to my page. Why don’t you grab yourself a cup of coffee, tea, wine…pick your poison & join me for a while. I hope that my page inspires, empowers & encourages you even in the slightest. Let me tell you a bit about this Gypsy Mom.


As a child, my grandmother would tell us the story of Las Gitanas. She’d say that these gorgeous women full of silky, noisy yet beautiful rags would arrive into town every few years back when she was a child. They’d usually arrive with the circus as fortune tellers & seers. They come for months at a time & enchant many men AND women with their beauty, jewels & gorgeous silks. Sometimes the gypsies would find luck, fortune, love & even friendships themselves but they’d always leave, no matter how good it was what they found while in town, they always packed up their wagons & set them in motion to the next city or town in search for something else. I always connected with this story, even at a young age, I was able to acknowledge the fact that nothing is permanent. Everything is always changing…always, nothing ever stays the same. That’s where the name for this blog originated. I’m very much like a gypsy, in that I embrace the change. I actually DON’T like routine, I don’t like “same”. I’m always teaching myself new skills and crafts, learning, evolving. I enjoy hobbies, many, I couldn’t tell you a favorite. I love weird shit, like crystals & herbs, I’m attracted to things that hint magic, I’m obsessed with the moon. For most of my life I’ve been told to pick something and stick to it, to follow ONE path so that I can perform successfully. I refuse. I tried and I was so unhappy. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t fully enjoying this blessed life that I have, something was blocking & preventing me from completely loving life…it was me. the me that I was trying to be to please everyone around me.


In this blog you will find bits and pieces of my Gypsy vibes. I’m all about family, so there will be plenty of that. I love cooking & creating for my wolf pack. I love making magic (crafting) , I love teaching my boys ( we are a homeschooling tribe), cleaning my home & space literally & spiritually, I love natural medicine. You’ll find a little of it all here.

Have fun exploring,


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    • January 18, 2016 / 10:44 PM

      Thank you for stopping by!!
      Happy new year to you as well! XO

      • January 18, 2016 / 10:45 PM

        Thanks look forward to reading your posts!

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